The trouble with printmaking

I’ve been planning to silkscreen for a few weeks now but the damn prep work took fucking ages. Yesterday I managed to drag myself out of bed, cursing and grumbling only to find that the silkscreen print department was closed for health and saftey reasons. I called this morning only to find it was still closed. This is highly annoying, since I really NEED to use the facilities before I go home for Xmas.

Then I got this email….

“Hello Joyce,
During routine testing legionella was found in the spray booths.
They have been taken out of use and are being treated. They won’t be available until testing has been completed and the samples found to be clear.

Can you inform all the students that have been working in the area recently and send them all the attached document which contains info about Legionnaires Disease..”


Information about Legionnaires’ Disease

The likelihood of anyone contracting Legionnaires’ Disease because of the spray booths is minimal.

What is Legionnaires disease?
•It’s a type of pneumonia, named after an outbreak that affected a meeting of the American Legion in 1976.
•It’s a serious disease but uncommon


What are the symptoms
• Similar to the symptoms of flu
1. High temperature, feverishness and chills;
2. cough:
3. muscle pain
4. headache, leading on to
5. pneumonia, very occasionally
6. diarrhoea and signs of mental confusion.


Now I’m going to constantly be checking for possible symptoms even though I haven’t been there all term.

SHIT! The worst part is I don’t think I’ll be able to print for ages.


6 thoughts on “The trouble with printmaking

  1. hehe. i bet beau peep have Legionnaires disease. also, symptom 6 – mental confusion – suggests that you might have already contracted it. maybe you should get yourself checked, you fucking legend, you.

  2. ouch ouch. now how in the world does a spray booth contract legionnaire’s disease anyway?possibly through someone using it? in which case, the other person’s probably gone ahead and spread it to everyone around him/her. an epidemic might break out any moment now. oh NO!heh, i think you’ll be just fine.

  3. haha thank you Leo. Your undying support means the world to meI’m not worried but the weirdest thing happened this morning. I shall perhaps post about it later.

  4. the spray booth contains an atomizer, which sprays out a high velocity jet of water to clean the screen. If you spray anyones hand with it, it would take off all the flesh entirely.So basically if the water is contaminated the atomizer increases spreading tiny breathable droplets of water. but its not contagious person to person so I’m not worried.But it brings me back to the weirdest thing this morning that i shall post about later.

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