Etching Workshop

On Monday I etched like I have never etched before. [and I haven’t]
It was extremely laborious and involved a complex process of coating plates with gunk, scratching off the gunk, dumping the plate in acid then rubbing off the gunk, inking, printing, more gunk, more acid, more rubbing and printing all over again.

But at the end of a long day of gunking and aciding and printing you get this and its all pretty satisfying.

Plate gunk 1:

Plate Gunk 2:

On a side note I had some very serious whines to post but I can’t remember them now. Shit.


7 thoughts on “Etching Workshop

  1. I hate talented people like you. It’s like they have taken all the talent from the world so we were left with nothing.Seriously, those etchings are really impressive.

  2. nice work. i like the nude egyptian-god-esque figures – i was really fascinated with them when i first saw them on those papyrus thingies they sell in cairo..and i know what you mean about the rants. i had 2 vERY good ones, probably at about 6am when you’re not quite asleep, and not yet awake. and i can’t remember what they were. gah

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