Red Shoes


20 thoughts on “Red Shoes

  1. yeah I’m not too keen on it either.I’m like the Jack in the nightmare before christmas, you know, when he’s trying to cut out a snowflake but cuts out a spider instead.

  2. well this nightmareish isnt quite hitting the mark. I should have done something else, or I WILL DO something else. Something with legs, and a background, and more gold, instead of green gold. I dunno

  3. no no not at all, it started of being quite pleasant [the drawing], thing i thought it looked boring then i started messing about with it and now i like it better but i dont really like it much. if that makes any sense. although i must add that when it was scanned it lost the gold sheen if has as an object. its green gold, black gold and gold gold and the red shoes are varnished as well. so its better off screen [i’m rationalising so much here]

  4. I have recently seen that the one that orchestrates this here blog is relatively partial to responding to comments; irrespective of whether the ‘commenting individual’ is known to them or not. I must say i find this terribly galling. I am of the persuasion that people in general are not worth the time of day. And I simply point blank refuse to ‘respond in kind’ to individuals i do not know. As unfortunately it seems that ‘strangers’ always seem to have the most say about ‘you’ or things that ‘you’ do, when they know so little about ‘you’. This has caused me great consternation and exaspertaion in past instances. But i wonder if you could indulge me by replying to this here comment. I understand that i am unbeknown to you as a previous ‘commenter’, hence i would understand any hesitation on your part in respect of a reply. But I would like to hear your response to an ‘outsiders’ opinion of your blog. Although I do understand that i have not actually yielded my opinion yet about your blog…. I think its great!!

  5. Okay Janine, this is too much, you really must stop pretending to be other random people and commenting on your own blog to be elevated in our eyes as The Popular One.Also, I’m not coming to Bombay anymore, and still maintain that my red shoes are nicer than yours :).

  6. please I could never come up with so many names and fake accounts, ingenuis chameleon?[i am lost without spellchecker] type person though i am.although just before i left for london leo and I tried creating a fake life for me in photos so i could show it too all my new london friends who would think i was super cool. i have a pic of me sitting on some strangers bike grinning like a wierdo.

  7. by the way red, white and blue is charris is disguise, although its not really a disguise beucase he is actually a british citizen and he never punctuates his very very long sentences or has any space bewteen paras, much like my mother.

  8. To the orchestrater of the blog. Having read your comments, i see that you may have attributed ‘my’ comment to another. I understand that my writing style leaves a lot to be desired and i do not punctuate enough in my ‘very,very long sentences’, and it maybe construed as anothers of equally poor skill. But i am compelled to let you know that this comment is has not being posted by ‘charris in disguise’ (is that a boy or a girls name?) and my reference to ‘red,white and blue’ is not due to any british persuasion but to my liking of the colours. But despite you insulting my writing ability i still maintain that your blog is great! and i thankyou for responding to a strangers comment.

  9. Who ARE all these people who have stumbled upon your blog and now believe it is the gospel of Janine? They’re printing and binding it as we speak and soon, much to everyone’s horror, there will be a small leather bound copy of this blog in every fucking hotel room. It’s because you draw and shit, you know.

  10. I am. Cranky. And surly. But it’s not because I’m upset with my lot in life [which is a pretty good lot – I get to have massages everyday and swim in my parents’ pool for the next 10 days – I just dislike stuff.What should I do?

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