After many trials and tribulations I have finally made it home.

It is now 5am on Sunday and I am about 24 hrs late. I have only slept for 4 hours in about 2 days, watched 4 movies and drank 2 screw drivers very slowly on the plane. So was pleasantly tipsy while landing but have sadly sobered up since.

My father miraculously managed to pull some fantastic strings and got me a confirmed ticket on this morning flight (god only knows how it was seriously over booked)

Charis pulled some fantastic strings and woke up at 4 in the morning to drop me to the airport, dragging his poor mother along with him (without whom we’d probably have never found Heathrow).

Therefore, it is time for this blogging addict to check in to bed.


Tomorrow I shall detail a full report on the crit that involved some drinking and Foz yelling at some people which was truly inspired (and I might add, entirely deserved).

Fernanda would have had even more of a crush on him had she been there.

I must say Foz is very sexy when he’s pissed off ……………….. I am so sick/sleep deprived and clearly have so many issues with authority figures/people with anger management problems sheesh.

Definitely going to bed. Nitey nite folks.


17 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. haha, fantasizing about a married chap with 2 kids.how conventional, you two.have fun in India 🙂btw – i like the rust orange color on foz’s head picture. looks nice. do you scan these things and then put paint on it? or .. ?

  2. yes we both have issues. no I drew the outline, scanned it, printed out copies, and then coloured on top in layers, crayons felts plus biro. its all very time intensive. but i enjoy using colour now. The original drawing [which i also have to colour] is A1. I prefer not to use photoshop for my own work. its a very very bland tool [personally]

  3. right, thats what i thought. hmm, i don’t know about the bland tool – I use photoshop CS2 for my design solutions and most of the time, I can do pretty interesting stuff with all the filters and things.That crayon effect for instance is best achieved when you apply a crayon filter to a normally colored picture. (yeah, i’m a photoshop junkie. i do stuff like illustrations and logo designs for a couple of media consulting agencies – or used to anyway)

  4. design solutions yes definitely photoshop is brilliant but illustration for the crayon I’m not sure. I mean you can actually use a real crayon, why use a generated one? Then you have to actually make the computer factor in inconsistencies to make it look more ‘real’ which completely baffles me when all you have to do to make it ‘real’ is actually use a crayon.

  5. I know your suffering sister. I cannot resist men in pedagogue-ish roles and my dream in the first half of this year was to marry my postcolonial studies tutor (who is also married with two kids).Isn’t that disgusting?

  6. yes it really is disgusting. But I’ve decided if i want this kind of attention in the future I ought to become a tutor.If Foz wasn’t married can you imagine how many young, idiot, sexually confused women he could illegally pick up?

  7. Mr C.C.J.Louca would like extend his ‘heartfelt gratitude’ to you on your making him sound like a complete ‘mummy’s boy’ on this here post. But he would like to move quickly assure other readers that this is infact not the case. Mr Louca is boy of strong character, who knows his own mind and consults his mother only on the food he should eat, what clothes he should wear, and whether it’s safe for him to cross the road. As he is dictating this note to me i can assure you he sucking his thumb in great fury that others may be deluded into thinking him a ‘mummy’s boy’. So if you could refrain from mentioning such instances that involve Mr Louca and the mollycoddling of his beloved mother he would be very grateful. (mr louca has dictated this note without prior consultation with his beloved mother, as his mother says he is a ‘big boy’ now)

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