Sketch Book BathTubs


Sketch Book - Bath 1b

Sketch Book – Bath 1b

Sketch Book - Bath 2b

Sketch Book – Bath 2b


19 thoughts on “Sketch Book BathTubs

  1. What do you mean you have no idea?i want that illo for a cover of a future poetry chapbook of mine.You know what a chapbook is, don’t you…?(Unless, of course, you mean you don’t want to ruin your reputation by wasting your art on something like a humble poetry chapbook by a minor poet… that I totally understand…)

  2. Please don’t club my mind along with Armchair’s :). I’m definitely not as over-the-top-brainy as him. He read Ulysees without doing any sort of secondary reading first man! There are whole chapters I just could not understand because I didn’t know anything about the underlying allegories and references and allusions and god knows what else. He’s a geniass.

  3. @scritch – hehe, yeah, surly got what i was trying to say. blanched IS a rather nice word, come to think of it. but yeah, its always a pleasure to be equated to the so-sharp-that-it-can-cut-itself-AND-you mind which surly has..@surly – heh, i *really* dont know what to say. maybe its a bad thing i never did secondary reference readings for joyce – i guess there’s a lot more to be appreciated with the allegories et al which I probably did not (maybe?). well, i did some, but i don’t know what you’re talking about, so lets reserve that for our next drunken conversation in a pub somewhere.. 🙂@ernesto – interesting, I had NO clue what a chapbook was. 🙂

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