In trying to re-set my body clock I went to bed at 4:35am and dragged myself out at 10.00am. I don’t feel very Xmas holidays now.

I need to work.

I thought I’d have another post about Fernanda since she was the hidden feature of the last one.

Fernanda, the ex and I were in the Princess Louise a couple of weeks ago, and this blond strutted in dressed up to the nines.

She wore a cherry red jacket draped over a red corset and deadly skirt. A little red hat with a veil was perched on one side of her head, accessorised with a red bag, black lined stockings and one hot pair of heels.

She looked completely out-of-place and completely amazing.

Fernanda kept walking up the stairs as she passed her saying

“Fucking bitch no? Lets kick her yeah? I love her corset. Lets just give her a good kick. Bitch!”

I love Fernanda. She brooks no competition.

“I love your little shoes, very cute”

“Yeeeaah they are cute no? Me and Amalia nicked them from Oxfam”

“Even the matching top?”

“Yeeeah, We are both so skint, I don’t like that bitch. I’m going to kick her”


Deranged comments preferred

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