1 Pack of Halls
1 warm salt water gargle
1 Combiflan
3 cups of tea
1 lunch
2 spoons of Zeet Cough syrup
2 spoons of Gycodin Cough syrup [just to take the edge off Zeet]
1 Doxicip
5 Hours sleep post lunch
2 Strepsils
1 Vicks
1 cup of tea

Who knows what will be next on the menu?

1 more Combiflan
1 more Doxcip
More tea
1 Vicks Inhaler
Sensur Oil
2 hot waters with brandy, honey and lime
3 spoons of gycodin


6 thoughts on “Remedy

  1. A spoon ful of brandy in qtr cup hot water with half spoon honey. And dont get greedy with Brandy ;)…. [Wow I have no life]… its either the mind numbing presentation or blogs…I just hope blogging is the only thing thats contageous…. theres another victim I know of… And lady do you know after circum… you cant pee for three hole days…awwww…me toes already jittery in fright…

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