If Only My Phone Had A Better Camera

Plane Window 2

Plane Window 5


23 thoughts on “If Only My Phone Had A Better Camera

  1. I realise that I get a wing seat always, too. Try Argos when you come back and u shud be able to get a good deal on a digi-cam in the jan end sale. no, seriously!or since u r in bbay, go to Alfa at Irla and you can get a decent camera for 5-7K. the prices r better there as compared to UK, since there is no VAT. go on a weekday for a good deal.

  2. better than being stuck behind screaming baby and next to young eager aussie student who said, “hi!” most excitedly when you sat down next to him and spent the rest of the five hour flight trying to take a look down your top. (And who asked for a jain meal to eat with his whisky and soda. people are strange)

  3. @em – as scritch rightly pointed out, none of your publicly-linked blogs seem to’ve been updated in a long, long while.Hmm, interestingly enough, I had this sudden itch to check your profile again – and this time, I encountered a blog which wasn’t there before. Or maybe I didn’t notice it?

  4. That’s what i thought too. then i thought maybe you pointed it out and deleted it. or something. anyway, the blog is most visible if you click the profile. really.and ew, no. i wasn’t going to let him take a peek. he was all hairy wristed.

  5. I have no idea what hes going on about or who he’s talking to Or why he thinks your blog isn’t updated? If anything its updated comfortingly regularly.but he seems to be an easily confused fellow so I might as well forget about all of this.

  6. good *Lord*. what a bunch of misunderstandings. em – uh, for some weird reason, I never did see your blog on your profile – blogger beta acting up maybe? or my fault for not noticing. anyway, when scritch commented on “maybe you should let him have a peek”, *I* assumed (wrongly, as it turns out) that she referred to some sort of a non-public blog.. I realize now that she was talking about your staring-down-the-top comment.anyway, as for me being confused – not quite *that* easily as you may assume. 🙂

  7. … which is why I keep stressing on stand alone camera units.Go get one today girl !PS – Pic 1 & 2 are nice.And yes.. we should meet up. I got to know you and I were in Hyderabad at around the same time this past week.

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