Parent Goading

Parent goading is a surprisingly entertaining if somewhat exhausting hobby.

I spent all afternoon winding my mother up, who cannot leave me or my room alone.

“It’s MY house why should I have to put up with a messy room blah blah?”

“But then why did you even have kids? Why didn’t you just put me up for adoption??”

and so on

She also missed her afternoon nap in the process more reason to be supremely cranky. Then I found the kitten again and placed it on the sofa.

When my mother is wound up anyone in her path gets the brunt of her nagging.

So of course, my irritating her was then deflected on my poor dad (who had done nothing and said nothing)

“You agree with her don’t you?? She’s YOUR child, NO no don’t try and kiss me I know you just love living in a mess!”

(I’m suddenly HIS child)

Poor pop.

Anyway now she’s so wound up anything causes her to throw a tantrum.

She asked me if I would be in the living room to babysit the cats or whatever she wanted babysitting and I said I might go for a bath and she suddenly went

“FINE fine then!! I guess I just wont go out now!!”

So I had to back down and yell at her that I wouldn’t bathe and then quickly distract her by talking about the cat.


So stressful.


8 thoughts on “Parent Goading

  1. The mom-dad part reminds me of a calvin and hobbes strip where C’s mom is really irritated and blasts out at dad, who is turn says – “I’d aleady said that we should opt for a dog instead.”

  2. unlucky you! my mummy is pampering cuddleing me spoiling me and loving me! i luv it here. Dad on the other hand is forcing me to go to his new place outside the city where there is not civilization at all, he wants me to spend sometime there with him “Lola” (a cute labrador that might hug too much) and his NEW!!! girlfriend (with 2 kids). Anyway i dont think it will be too bad, dad is a good cook and all i’ve been doing here is eat eat and eat.

  3. ello janine, how’s life back home? It’s funny how parents long to have u back but then forget that they got used to living without u and then have to adjust again, much to their annoyance. My mum had that situation after I came back from travelling! Anyway when r u back? London misses ur random rants at nothing in particular and general quirkiness

  4. I never thought I’d say this, in fact I promised myself I wouldn’t (having heard it irritatingly often from my own mom, but I can’t help it so here it goes… Just wait till you have kids.

  5. Spazsim: egghead is being elusive, also Leo doesn’t like me meeting his friends because he thinks I steal them. He’s very insecureRohini: hah! you obviously haven’t read my previous anti-population/pro-abortion/anti-breeder posts.No buns will be cooking in this oven.EVER. Not even by accident.

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