The Dentist

I am apparently a border line root canal case.

They never warned me this could happen.

I always thought that all the horror stories I heard about dentists and root cancls only happened to other careless people who didn’t brush their teeth.

But I DID and I DO!!

Twice a day and this still happened

I have never been so happy to have a filling done in my life.

I pray that its only a deep and painful filling.

Then I can redo all the other 4 fillings so they don’t chip like this one did, thus causing these complications and hopefully I can soon put all this woe behind me.


19 thoughts on “The Dentist

  1. my chip has toothed in two as well! I’m dreading it’s a root canal. I think I’ll just have to offer the dentist a give he can’t resist.Nevermind my sudden dyslexia with words. Apparently it’s the alcohol.

  2. Naughty girl, Santa always knows when someone is lying, and you can not possibly be brushing your teeth enough to constitute all those fillings you’ve had from before. You should stick to telling the truth like a good little girl and admit your obvious penchant for sticky,chewy sour sweeties. The same way i had to admit (under oath) that sneeking into children’s bedroom’s in the dead of night, ‘fondling my large sack’, and waiting to give them a ‘big surprise’, constituted unreasonable behaviour with a minor.

  3. Wow, I’m so touched that this post has touched the lives of so many fellow dentist sufferers.YOU HEAR ME PURU YOU BASTARD?Fernanda: I was sick too. Perhaps you should take it easy on the chili Bricks: I feel your pain. If you leave it too long it becomes a root canal. No one ever told me this!!And as a matter of fact Santa, I brush very diligently, but I suppose even that is not enough when you’ve had some of your teeth filed. I fucking hate Andrade that chutiya dentist who made me suffer for a whole year with braces and then fucking filed my teeth fucking chut.Fucker. Egghead: now your english is even worse than mine fool. Good luck and god bless, may no one ever suffer a root canal again.nonedone: Exactly how painful is this root canal?I mean does your mouth swell up? Would I be running around on new years with a massive swollen jaw?this is so scary

  4. you’re scary!denitist are the scariest!my dentist in delhi is a weirdo to boot. he has a system installed in his office that helps him track extra terrestrials. yes. he’s an alien hunter and cavity-killer. i think he likes reaching in to dark recesses.have had 3 rot canals. weren’t all that bad though. it hought they’d be mortifyingly painful but it was all good. hate the sound of the drill though. HATE IT!

  5. people people people, let me introduce myself. I am Leo and Janine’s erstwhile friend Puru… and am 18 months away from qualifying as a dentist from the Royal London Dental Institute. We’re not bad people, we put people out of a lot of pain and misery. Sure, we earn a few bob from u, and maybe put u through more pain.. but it’s normally worth it. Janine, I’m afraid these things happen, microleakage of fillings can result in decay and eventual pulpal inflamation. I’ve done a few root canal fillings myself, it’s good fun, lol. Can’t wait till i get paid to do all this! By the way if u want those fillings re-done for free, come to me..

  6. p.s, if anyone has any dentally related questions, feel free to ask.. I’d like to break some of the myths and stereotypes floating around!

  7. heh, thats a good reaction to what is probably the most dreaded doc visit there is! i’ve had a pretty decent experience with dentists though. never had a root canal, just normal fillings. but gosh, i never DO want to have one.the chap I used to go to had a state of the art bose sound system, and he’d put on some trance-techno music, interspaced with some classy 70s rock hits. he also had a really nice (read cute and helpful) assistant. she had good taste in perfume too. actually, she must’ve been more like an intern than an actual assistant, but whatever.good times. i haven’t been to one ever since, and i dread to think what my new horrors I might have to face.. good luck though! @doc/puru – *shudder* what would you do if someone had halitosis? :))

  8. Hobo: I’m not scary. Dentists are evil. Does your moth swell up though???Devil: 8???? 8??? Oh my god. Do you have any teeth left?? Does your jaw swell up? Why doesn’t anyone answer me!And if you’ve even seen Puru drunk or drinking you would never trust him to shove gold up anywhere. Puru: It might be odd seeing you on a professional basis esp after I read that text msg and heard that story of you drunk and drooling all over Seigal.Fernanada: NO no no no ew!Once this weird guy in a pub in New Cross asked me if I wanted to ‘have some fun with him’ and he had a massive gold tooth which was all I could look at in horror. On saying that Ian Seigal has a gold tooth and its ok. I feel very tolerant when it comes to lead singers who are ugly but hot.As Riddhi would say, “He’s ugly, but it suits him”Army: I think they should put in a large tv with a cheerful show like Friends or Sex in the city. Without anything to do you’re just waiting for that terrible ‘eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ drilling noise.I’m going to suggest it to my dentist. [who is not puru]

  9. janine, i’m on the student/staff board at uni and generally pride myself on my professionalism. I also got a distinction in my last big exams. As for my manic drinking and general passions, well i also like to play hard! ;-)As for that text, the less said the better…Fernanda, I can’t yet give u gold teeth but I can give u gold inlays/crowns for free at the moment! Philosopher: We usually wear face-masks but if someone has truly rancid halitosis, well i try to keep some sort of distance and just put up with it! Also, the thing about the music is interesting, i did a project on anxiety relieving techniques in a dental practice, lots of good shit out there..

  10. Root Canals aren’t really painful.The only pain you feel is when that scary looking 3 inch needle drives into your gums (fun!). After that it’s just numbness for a few hours, and spitting out so much blood you’ll say “woahhhh, coool, I don’t feel a thing!”Ahh the magic of anesthesia.Don’t worry, it’s scarier than it really is.

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