Vati Takes Us To An Abselutely Funtaastic Restaurant

My Grandfather Puru, is a pure bred mallu and thinks many things are ‘abselutely funtaastic’.
He refused to let an electrician wire his house so he has the fan switch behind a cabinet, then has a hole cut through the wood so you can turn it on. None of his plug points have switches so everything shorts or catches on fire, but he did an amazing job, he insists.

It was an epiphany when I realized that my mother’s neurotic shit must be genetic and not just menopause hormones.

Mutti threw us out of the house on Xmas eve in preparation for the party of old fogies coming over that evening. (7:30 drinks, 9:00 dinner, bed by 11:00 what a night), so Vati (that’s Puru) took us here for lunch.

Rise? hahahaha ah rise. I knew you well

What is silver soup?

Something you might need to have after you eat here

Haw! How dirty….*blush*

Malia malia?? hahahahaha

But it was Bott like no Bott before

Scups!! HAHAHA this just gets betterer and betterer. Who doesn’t like a nice scups of ice cream?

She was one hot little smokin kebab

I’m not sure if a hard lassi becomes a scups by default but I wasn’t daring enough to try and find out.

I happened to order the hot and soup soup and it was quite nice nice

Prawaaans. hahahaha heh choke We were all so surprised they got ‘biryani’ right.


aha ha ha ha ha ha





Chicken Chople Stick

giggle tee hee


And this is truly ironic. The cherry on the typo sundae. Its all at Leo’s A/C [A/C to off it, if you would preferred thanks you]

Cantonays babayes

Fish Fing-air daaahling, how enchante en francay swaytay

HO HO HO (what with it being Xmas and all)
Aaaaaah… I’m all tee-hee-ed out now.

Isn’t it wonderfully coincidental how Leo, the Queen of anal retentive spelling should have a namesake food joint with so many typos? [and a friend who can barely spell to report it?]

Is it the future of the writing of Leo M? The rise was quite good though.

As my mallu grandfather would say

“All the parameters were completely funtaastic!”


14 thoughts on “Vati Takes Us To An Abselutely Funtaastic Restaurant

  1. well, german actually – vater. i was rather surprised when you mentioned that – would be interesting to know how a semi-parsi starts calling a mallu grandfather by a german name? 🙂the photos – hil*arious*. didn’t people kinda get creeped by you clicking away though? and now you’ve put me in the mood for some indian-y chinese. sigh, something i can never hope to get in the case you don’t see leo’s blog comment – i figure bawa refers to parsi – but what does bawa mean anyway?–TAP

  2. hahahaha, u had me in splits there.last week a frnd of mine and I went to this udipi restaraunt where it said<> Thali – Do not share <> of which I incidentally have a pic … must post.

  3. armchair: well its a long history of cross breeding. One day it will all be clear to you.I think they were a bit creeped out. I also took a picture of a sign on a panel that said, ‘HE SHE’once again: hahahaha I love that what cheapskates. It sounds like a great place.

  4. why bring me into it??? anyway..I was in a dhaba near jaipur a few years ago, and in all honesty part of the menu read:SUPveg suptomatar supnoodil supmussroom supThere was also some ‘choo meen’ for me to look forward to!

  5. my favourite was the smokin’. next to my house there is a sign that says catch/cock rs 20. i’ve always meant to take a picture of that, and the dhabha next to it, called gora walla dhabha. 🙂oh, and happy new year!

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