Christmas Cake

Xmas Tree 2
I rang in Christmas in Hyderabad surrounded by people with a minimum age gap or 50 odd years or so.

I spent all evening with a phony smile plastered to my face and nodded to inane small talk. It couldn’t be helped, it was impossible for the chit-chat to be scintillating. I mean come on, they were at a doddering 75-80. Most of their bedtime were at 9:20pm.

So I fake smiled some more, eyed the large kitchen clock every now and then and felt sure that it had stopped. I then tried running around with the digital camera as it gave me something to fiddle with during the long hours of boredom. Unfortunately the battery died with all the fiddling.

I mocked my brother who was trapped on the sofa with a bad knee and therefore couldn’t even make a hasty escape to the kitchen if need be. When I was truly desperate for some peace, I sat on the pot in the loo re-reading Pride and Prejudice, my book of great consolation in tiring times.

After desert I rallied myself. I knew my time had come and sure enough at 11 promptly, one old couple got up to bid their adieus. Ah, I thought, at last it begins. In 35 mins they’ll all be gone. My fingers were crossed, my heart beat faster.

But to my surprise, and a pleasant one at that, each one of them (and there were a few oldies) got up in unison and said they would be pushing off. You can’t imagine my elation.

I assumed the intense feeling of euphoria sprung from the joy of my freedom from tedium, but could just have been a sugar high from all the cake.

Who can say?

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5 thoughts on “Christmas Cake

  1. jah-neeeeen! 😉When are you coming back to London? I know I’ve only seen you once here anyways, but it can be <>felt<> when you are not in town.Besides you should take Fernanda and I to eat some good hearty and spicy Indian food one of these days!

  2. no no there was booze, but just lots of old peoplehey Ernesto I’ll be back on the 11th i thinkand YES! we should go to an indian place definitely. I have had one month of desi food but its never enough. yum!

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