All the firangis and Punjabis have left and I feel a huge anticlimax to an entire week of non stop going out.

I must have visited nearly every bar in Bombay by now.

I’m too depressed to type.

and I’m way behind on all my drawing.


9 thoughts on “Tired

  1. scritch, you’re a genius of the highest order, and i’m a huge fan. i just read your your pregnant woman rant, which i think is especially brilliant.

  2. Why the fuck to people congratulate pregnant people anyway? Through most of human history, women were ALWAYS pregnant. Like it’s such a big deal to be fertile. It’s like congratulating someone because they have a nose.

  3. no no dahlings, I only go to my garden, sea view and occasionally janta. But I made an exception for the firangis and poshed up a bit. I also took them on the Bombay tourist ferry. very nice and only 50 bucks per head. mediocretes and raindrop: why were you reading so far back. wow I’m so shocked.

  4. I was reading far back because I had very little else to do. I showed that to Mediocretes because he’s not the biggest fan of kids. Needless to say, he agrees with you. I think he’s in love with you.

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