Colour Self portrait 2

Colour Self portrait 2

On behalf of the 3 and a half people who read this blog of crap, you might have noticed my lamentable lack of posts lately.

But have no fear, as soon as I get back to college and cease to have any social life I shall blog galore.

Anti climax update: Lift in depression with the resuming of going out and drinking

Dentist Update: One solitary tooth cavity that was originally missed is still borderline root canal and now I wont be able to do anything about it since I’m leaving. Fuck.



16 thoughts on “Galore

  1. #egghead – Did she mean ‘for the sake of’?that tooth is still alive? I thought it was long gone. Can you please get me a vada paav with extra garlic chutney?

  2. i would suggest that you add one more additional ‘fuck’ to the end of this post to help gain the desired effect. (its just a suggestion)

  3. Egghead and bricks: please feel free to rewrite my current post, and since you guys have nothing better to do except correct grammer [egghead, this is why you should have come over yesterday instead of going home to BLOG] please also go through all my old posts and rewrite them too. Email me the rewrites and I’ll re post everything. Hows that?nofour fucks is a fuck enough

  4. Or better, make that“4,6415926… people who read your blog”. Because, without writing much, I keep coming back, too, and unfortunately I’m terribly unrational.

  5. You should get statcounter if you don’t have it already. That way you know exactly how many people are reading your blog. I make it my business to know everything about everyone (who comes to my blog). Raindrop

  6. dear janine look what i found on the net* – With whiners like Ernesto, Scritch, Leo M, Fernanda Gavito, Madame Mahima, and theflatteredflyingfish, no wonder whining has taken an a new meaning of it’s own. Although I don’t suggest this style or form of whining an any context, it is indeed a true form of whining from all parts of the world including the United Kingdon, Singapore and India (note that this site is NOT for those of us who abhor vulgar language and children).if u want to see the link copy and paste this. are u back in the uk? we miss u

  7. wow so many people. I’m so touched, sniff sniffi WILL get a statcounter or whatever first things first I must sue that bitch belle gray.egghead: all lies, I know thats why you didn come to the garden to drink and smoke. you wanted to blog!leo: i gave you the creme de la creme of my itunes doodemanjulia and bricks: thank you for coming and commenting. commenting is the only reason i even bother blogging. fernanda: hey I’m back i have missed the class and shit what happened this Wednesday? anything juicy? anymore drama??amry: yeah link didnt work for me either. it just opened in hotmail..? and yes yes you were counted and one of the 3.5 people. Leo and riddhi and .5 each

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