Jet Airways

The sons of bitches that are Jet bumped me off the flight AGAIN.

“Oh!” they said, “but you never landed from London on that flight..”

(I was on the next days flight)

“ we just thought you weren’t here..”

What the fuck???

Does Jet think they run the only flights to Bombay in the world?

Thank god my dad called to check about the flight.

He had to pull some major strings again and do all that same old tamasha when I got bumped off the first time.

It’s a fucking con this saving air miles. They treat you like shit even though you might have flown a thousand times with them to rack up those fucking goddamn miles in the first place.

They should in fact give you a fucking medal just for tolerating them that long.


I sadly was placed in the middle seat between a lady with arthritis and a really bad tempered firangi.

But I adore the new video on demand touch screen thing they have.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm on demand.

I can finally pee right in the middle of a movie and not miss anything.

mmmmmmmmmm pee.


Deranged comments preferred

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