New Years Eve

Captain H. threw a party for new years at the very last-minute.

I was pleased because if everything else failed I’d have to throw one.

And I hate morning after clean up duty.

The theme originally was “007” but changed at some point to “Flower Power”. I think this was because 007 was too hard, and no one had any glam outfits or some such lazy excuse. I was happy. I’m not good at fancy dress.

Riddhi, the perpetual 20th century hippie, said in a disappointed tone that it wasn’t even a challenge for her.

Trying to leave the house was highly chaotic. The minute I announce to my folks that I plan on leaving the house they’ll stop me and make me do things. Take a picture, call both sets of your grandparents, do this do that stand here wait one minute let’s take another group picture. Sheesh.

Regular H., and managed to piss the ex off with some inappropriate nonsense sometime when he was a bit drunk.

In case you have forgotten here are the various stages of drunkenness of a H. That’s probably why these two pictures cracked me up when Leo pointed them out.

36b H arm around me

37b H arm

That’s the ‘Arm of H’.

It’s a classic sign of Stage 2-3 of drunken H.

He’s clearly not very drunk because otherwise he’d be bending a hell of a lot more.


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