Work In Progress 2c

Work In Progress 2c

All that procrastinating and dilly dallying over money claiming the Belle G. Boutique has now bitten me in the ass.

Where as originally the court fee was only £30, it now in the new year, £80.

I hate myself!!

Let this be a lesson to you all.


11 thoughts on “Procrastinating

  1. the picture lacks depth, don’t you think?For example, look at the candle in the glass behind the couple staring at the decapitated head. The whole scene appears somewhat flattened. Of course, this could have been entirely intentional and that’s that.

  2. I’m not sure really, it is a crop of the actually drawing so the composition is damn odd but explain more. Which parts do you feel need more work?bricks: I know tell me about it i’m really irritated with myself for not sending it off before the price hike

  3. I imagine not. Anyway I have sent them the court summons hopefully they’ll pay before it goes to court. I have everything in writing plus all the work I did for them but the one only problem is that I don’t have a signed contract but they still agreed by email to all my conditions so in general I feel confident. mostly

  4. I just thought that the drawing lacked depth/perspective. Not in a metaphorical sense, in the literal sense – it seems flattened.I don’t know how I can elaborate what I mean any further than this.

  5. yes yes I got what you meant by depth but I need some more info. Help me out here. Point out some bits in particular. Is it because you cant see any wall and its the background across the entire piece? what about the candle and the glass behind the couple?

  6. okay: it looks as if there’s a big dark greenish-brown wall and all the elements you’ve drawn such as the naked humans, glasses, candles, and the remote control are all stuck on that wall.shouldn’t apparent size diminish with distance? look at the size of the glasses in the foreground and the size in the background. they’re the same.

  7. yes that true, it should, but its actually an A4 crop of the A1 drawing and so the green is the carpet while the wall is actually quite far away but yes the glass ought to be smaller but on the larger one it doesn’t look quite as odd

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