Poor Baby

Line Drawing 2

Line Drawing 2

I’ve had some rotten luck lately.

I didn’t get paid for work.
I didn’t get my redundancy
My mobile broke
My mac power cable has wires poking out from everywhere
My battery lasts for only 15 mins
My hard drive is at full capacity
and everything runs slightly slower than it used to

Worst of all yesterday I decided to clean my baby. I had entirely pure intentions.
And so got out a scrubber and some flash and scrubbed away.

This caused no problem until I stupidly scrubbed some flash on the trackpad.
First it worked badly and jerkily then I smacked it hard. After this it got very temperamental and stopped working altogether.

I apologized to it loads and gave it many kisses but the bastard wouldn’t relent.

I googled for other idiots who did the same thing and managed to find quite a few. I nearly resigned myself to taking it back to the mac store but luckily by morning its sort of working.

Sort of. Its damn jerky but I’m afraid to slap it again.


So tragic.


4 thoughts on “Poor Baby

  1. my trackpad used to fuck around so i’d have to put my mac to sleep and wake it up again and then it would be fine. but, over time, it just became okay on its own.

  2. There was a arecent post in the apple site which suggested that a particular batch of batteries were going to be replaced for free. You might want to search for that and hope that you are eligible for the replacement.

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