Workshop And Seminar

Sketch Book - Crossing The Line

Sketch Book – Crossing The Line

Workshops tend to inspire me to do quite shoddy work. On the other hand, constraining yourself to a short deadline and working around can be very useful [but damn hard].

The brief was about child smacking and we had to use one of a bunch of phrases “Did me no harm”, “Reasonable”, “Self control”, “I’m the boss”, “Crossing the line” etc

Foz said it looked as though a large thermometer was sticking out of the kids anus. (Which I must admit it does)

After that we had a seminar on “Capitalizing”

Do you recognize the qualities within your work?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Do you avoid your weaknesses?

Is it limiting your work?

Do you capitalize on the success?

The answers that these questions provoked were all heart-rending and shit.

Someone (Emma or Anna) said that they have a fear of finishing the work because they were afraid of fucking it up.

Foz asked if it was because once it was finished it was open to criticism where you can’t respond and defend yourself with

“Ah..but its not finished yet”

I said I had the same fear. If I fuck up my drawing, ergo it makes me a fuck up.

Georgina said, looking rather scared as she did so, that she found it really hard to list her strengths but seemed to have an endless list of weaknesses.

She was afraid of drawing she said, then much like a ‘Take a Break’ magazine she went on to relate an incident when an art teacher in school told her that her drawing was terrible and sent her to another class. She also didn’t want to go to the life drawing class because she might cry. (which would be quite funny I think)

Adam said he was afraid to say his work was good because he felt people (Foz) would cut him down so he preferred saying it was rubbish himself. When he worked at the pub, if someone was annoying him he could just tell them to ‘fuck off’ but he didn’t feel like he could in class because we were all his…*pause*…friends. (We all went ‘awww’ and ‘haha’)

Chris said

“I have a really high standard and unless I really liked a piece I just… bin it.”

Foz replied that he was just being a bit lazy and copping out.

(Ed said some stuff too, about using cheap materials or something but I forget)

It was a lot like free therapy. One hour of it.

Foz was very encouraging, positive and comforting.

He told us not to be a bunch of depressed illustrators (losers) and not to be so fucking lazy about finishing our work.

Wise words indeed.


8 thoughts on “Workshop And Seminar

  1. ah therapy. you’ve got to love it. 🙂 and here it’s thrown in with your critiques also. although, yeah, i know, one of my editors told me once that saying i was “in a rut” just meant i was lazy. sigh. they must teach you these things in boss school.

  2. hey Jan,Ive asked a friend of mine who goes by the name ‘Mohinish’ to get in touch with you. he’s looking for accomodation in London and the poor guys stuck in Italy. I hope you can help him out. He’s nice I promise you! 🙂

  3. And what did the Mexican Firecracker say?I don’t like episodes of Tell Me Panic where the Mexican Firecracker is not feautred. You are going to lose rating if you continue like this.And who are those secondary characters? Supporting cast? Will we see them again or are they just covering up the main characters who were on holidays during the recording of this particular episode?

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