Ranting at the crit

Lego Egg Timer

Lego Egg Timer

We had a visiting lecturer and illustrator called Russell Cobb visit us, give a talk and then help Foz crit our work.

Usually crits are excruciatingly long winded and damn tiresome especially for your tushy. However in an attempt to manage our never ending crits, Foz had brought in an egg timer.

I got hit by the first dose of the timer since I was unlucky enough to go first. Foz hadn’t yet warmed up his vocal chords, so my time quite strictly monitored. Tiphane zee France chic was stopped halfway through a question about my seriously indiscreet use of vibrant colour as was Russell Cobb by the egg timer Nazi.

However as the day went on poor Russell got more and more swamped by Foz’s voluminous rants/speeches/advice/comments, as was the egg timer and eventually time dragged on as always. I think if Foz seriously wants to time our crits he needs to factor in his rants as well as other peoples questions/debates and other people [me] ranting.

For no particular reason, during the Mexican firecrackers crit I had a small rant at Russell and Foz. They were telling her to make her work ‘more Mexican’ and it just really pissed me off. Its so fucking typical [British-firangi] to exoticise everything. It is just cliched aspects of what is real. For example the Kumbh mela, one of the biggest fucking Indian cliches and you have all these journo idiots taking pictures of sadhus and shit but that’s hardly the life of an average-middle-class-second-class compartment-occasionally-first type guy. So I spouted all this nonsense and sortof yelled which I slightly regret but no not really because I hate this ‘more Mexican’ ‘more Indian’ shit and those fucking Indian authors who write all this flowery senti desi tripe which is gobbled up by everyone like its some exotic gospel.

Anyway…The Mexican Firecracker didn’t seem to have an opinion on my rant or even care actually no one except me cared [sniff sniff].

Other than that, I have no real drama to report on the crit. I was really hoping Atheir would ask in the morning or early afternoon if his crit could be done first so he could leave and then I’d be able to yell at him. But he didn’t sadly. I was damn disappointed. Maybe that’s why I had a rant for no reason.

Sometimes a girl just needs a good rant.


8 thoughts on “Ranting at the crit

  1. darrrrling of course i care about what u said in my crit, but i was really angry at Russell for not understanding what i was going on about, i didnt explain myself i have to admit. I do get ur point and i completly agree with u, i hate when they think mexico is al sun and flowers. anyway after u left i had a really long chat with Foz, so long and so depp that i cryed, he was more like a psyconalist, it was very intense since foz saw thinks about myself that he didnt imagine..ill tell u all about it when i see you. I think Foz was very understanding and supportive. I like him he sort my head out somehow.

  2. fernanda: wow this chat with foz seems very mysterious and interesting. Tell me more…why did you cry? no no I don’t need any heart to hearts with Foz, besides I only cry if I miss my plane not otherwise, at least not in public

  3. hear hear and basically Foz’s argument was that if you’re pitching something to someone who doesnt know or understand the culture you need to make it more ‘ethnic’ but thats just sheer laziness and spoonfeeding. A lot of english cultural references may go over my head but I dont want to be spoon fed.

  4. damn, I left a really long comment which was deleted.I am doing my master in fine art and work as a practising artist.I also run into the same old crappy colonial racist shit all the time.Maybe we might change it, by directly addressing these issues in out art.Theres a self-portrait by chilla kumari burhman (dont remember propper spelling) which she has titled ‘this is not me’ referencing magrittes ‘this is not a pipe’, its quite brilliant. She is from south asia, but has lived her entire life in the UK and investigates her identity as Woman with a multi-cultural heritage.anyway…I can go on and on.break down the imposed cultural barricades. U r not alone

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