Sketch Book - Stage 1a

Sketch Book – Stage 1a

Sketch Book - Stage 1b

Sketch Book – Stage 1b

The cold is something we can all universally relate to.

Therefore I can confidently go on to state that, the current temperature in my flat is 15 degrees.

I’m wearing doubles of everything.

Double layers of socks, a t shirt, a sweater, another sweater, shoes leg warmers.

I’m considering a jacket because I might as well be outside for all the fucking warmth there is in here.

I slept fully dressed last night and I was still freezing. Tonight I’m wearing a jacket to bed. That way I just get up, brush my teeth, comb my hair and am off for college.


5 thoughts on “Brrrr

  1. I have some excellent advice for you: go outside and freeze off for a bit; then come back in. You’ll be fine and dandy.If you didn’t like option number one then try this: assuming you don’t have a built-in heating system, stash all the trash you have in your house such as toasters, electrically powered ninja turtles, defunct chargers, androids who no longer see their worth in this world, bean bags that have lost their beans and your humanoid flatmates into your room. I can guarantee that you shall feel the warmth in no time.

  2. heh heh .. reminds me of aussie …i used to sleep with layers of clothing … with the lil heater besides me .. under two comforters. imagine the trauma of havin sex in such cold.😛 not That i ever complained !!

  3. i cant imagine having sex in the cold but i bet it warms you right upegghead thats a dumass suggestion to my very very serious problemi also threw a snowball smade from the snow on top of a dustbin

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