Brrr the two

Sketch book: Landscape

Sketch book: Landscape

The ex has categorically refused to come over due to the chilly temperature in my flat.

I refuse to go over because of the chilly temperature outside and I also can’t keep making trips up and down all the time.

The ex also has dim lighting and 3 blown bulbs.

I fucking hate dim lighting, I’m blind enough as it is.

So we’re at an impasse.

It snowed yesterday and I made a snowball with the snow on the top of a rubbish bin near the buss stop.

I threw it on the ground, since there was no one else to chuck it at aside from the people waiting for the bus.

5 thoughts on “Brrr the two

  1. Glad I was not around at that time. We had a snow ball fight at the bus stop. I got hit by one on the back of my hand.. thrown at point blank range … brrrrI hate dim lights too. Everyone here either has yellow bulbs or brown lights at home.

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