Personal And Public Perception

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Pool 2

“Illustrators are praised for their personal vision, personality and subjective view.”

How do you perceive your work both in its content and aesthetic?
What is it actually about in the specific and general sense?

How do you think your work is perceived by the outside world?

Are they similar or conflicting?

Is this a problem?

What can be done about it?

Are you bothered?

Is it possible to position yourself in both arena’s?

Discuss the above in relation to your work.

Fucking hell. I don’t even know where to begin


9 thoughts on “Personal And Public Perception

  1. how about “there is rarely any objectivity to the subjectivity of the entire conundrum of art being personalized whilst its primary purpose is to vocalize the discontinuities in the perception matrix represented by the artist herself. Whilst the artists endeavor has been to bring about a visual gratification to all aspects along the pleasure pain continuum the, the apparent discreteness of the individual senses results in myriad evocation of the material and ethereal aspects which at times are in apposite and perhaps tangential to the entire perception zone that the artist attempts to focus the createe [is createe a word] to. It has been YOUR endeavor to converge perceptions to achieve unity in perception by amplifying the dimensions that result in mutual resonation of the artist and the perceiver.”. …phew… so much of physics, and really i cant litter no more…. And you can end by saying that since as an artist your conceptions, as represented in the perception matrix, are infinite and therefore any and every conception of the perception is a subset of the multitude of the permutations and combinations that YOU had originally conceived, therefore there is apparently no conflict and botheration to whatever the bloke perceives as long as he or she is able to pay you sufficiently well to buy a furnace that would allow you to go to bed in lesser attire than you care to actually take to bed and of course collect footwear that would rival the collection of a certain lady in Philippines ….-UnSane

  2. I think it’s about time you shift to the new blogger. Think of the world of features you’re missing out on. Do you think you’ve be able to live with yourself having known you let such an opportunity go by? Imagine the years of regret that will follow.

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