I am typing is sad, sad post from the far away computer in college.

It’s a PC. Can you imagine?



What have I sunk to?

But there happens to be an A3 scanner attached to it and I happen to need my large drawing scanned for the mid year show due to various complications.

(Caused by the colossal incompetence of the designers which I will explain in detail later)

What a heap of junk. I hate PC’s.

It amazes me that I’m even dating someone who actually swears by windows.

Now all I want to do save my scans.

But will the PC let me? Oh no, fucking crap

I’ve been here since 11 in the morning and I’m absolutely starving. The 2 files are a mind-boggling 1.5 GB each. The college PC’s all have deceptive DVD burner drives that unsurprisingly don’t work.

My iPod refuses point blank to associate with the bastard PC. It’s entirely beneath her to do so.

The technicians iPod, formatted for PC’s, is ignored by the mac desktops.

I’m stuck in the middle of these warring devices.

Should I just give up? Discard the 2 large files, split them into smaller and just lay them all out all over again?

sigh. *whine* I’m so hungry. *moan* I want a cheese toastie with ketchup and hot chocolate with cream. *crib wail*

Foz remarked he wasn’t at all impressed with the cross over crit. They hadn’t done much work he said, hardly anything.

We finished hours ago. I asked him if he made anyone cry and he said no-no. I told him he ought to get 50 bucks every time he does.

I aspire to make people cry, I stated jokingly. He told me I had a heart that was completely black. I’ve decided to take it as a perverse compliment.

And YES!

The poor technician found a laptop that actually HAS a DVD burner and managed, huzzah! to transfer my files! Joy and hot food await me now.

On a separate note, the student technician is damn cute.


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