The Tea Party

Finally finished!

The Tea Party

The Tea Party

10 thoughts on “The Tea Party

  1. good shit dude, but this stupid scan doesnt do justice to all the little hidden stuff that’s so hugely entertaining. i suppose a bigger scan is out of question though. goddamn bandwidth.

  2. the scans not bad actully.the original scan is the actual size og the pic {A1} but thats a huge file and so is the actual size jpegthank you Foz’s head is my favorite both in 2D and 3Dyes the veiled women have cropped up a few dodgy questions about them

  3. i am so bored its unfaircan you 1 by 1 say a prayerfor the guy at the deskwho`s never been blessedwith patience or a soft chair.

  4. Your work is absolutely awesome. Really. It stuns me into silence and prevents me from making intelligent type comments.

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