Ex’s Birthday Gift

It’s the ex’s birthday today.

I spent a fortune (for a beggar like me at least), and joyfully presented it.

(Last year on my birthday I was given a potted plant, however the previous year the ex took me to Brussels. So it’s true what they say, time really deadens romance.)

I foolishly and optimistically told the Topshop girl to remove all the tags. Now one top is too big (although actually I think it fits just fine), but I may not be able to return/exchange it.

So I have been yelled at.

Isn’t gratitude lovely?


2 thoughts on “Ex’s Birthday Gift

  1. tell me about it.if the ex reads this post though i’m a dead woman. [while techincally it is true, in the long run it isnt really accurate. I recovered from the potted plant incident after we got back together]

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