Life Drawing 1

Last Saturday I was dragged all over Selfridges to shop for shit for the ex’s mother who had sent grocery list of designers. (The ex was present of course)

I have never heard so many over priced brand names bantered around so casually in real life with the moolah to back it up.

That always seemed to be the sort of thing reserved to uber-femme television shows or Fashion Magazines.

But I must say,

those bags were really fucking ugly.

Santa Cruz market can do better.

(The only real difference between them would be that the bag from Santa Cruz would fall apart within 2 months while the couture wouldn’t, but still the principle remains)


2 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. That would mean that one can buy a new bag from Santa Cruz market after 2 months. And at the price you are offered at Santa Cruz you wont mind throwing away the old and getting a newer one.

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