Wee to Wii

I played on the ex’s flatmates new Sony Wii. Apparently a woman in the states died trying to win it.

The contestants had to drink as much water as they could without having to ‘wee’.

Apparently this woman went home with a headache and then died of a water overdose.

Having played it, I can honestly say it is almost worth dying for. Almost.

7 thoughts on “Wee to Wii

  1. tht story is true. the title of the blog was the name of the competition. i m yet to try Wii. But it sounds like the future of gaming.

  2. One clarification:It’s a Sony PS3 (Play Station Three) and a <><>Nintendo<><> Wii. That’s like saying “oooh oohh I just used my friend’s Dell Macbook” – or something to that extent.My god you women.

  3. Mixing up brands and their products will soon have you executed by stealthy officials who sneak around in peoples’ house waiting for the hapless souls to commit such felonies. Goodluck!I can’t wait to buy my Acer macbook1!!1!1 so c00l 1tz gonn4 b3 d00d!1!1!1!

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