I’m Not A Wimp. I’m Just A Non-Confrontationalist

Life Drawing 3
[I wrote this post ages ago but couldn’t be bothered to post it at the time. I was having too much fun…..and now I’m not]

Leo and I just finished watching Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’. It is 4:57am. He swore he had to leave at 2:30 so he could get some shut eye and go to work semi-coherent.

Leo doesn’t watch frightening movies and the last time I watched this by myself I woke up at 5 with nightmares.

“Riddhi..” he said “Promise me one thing…”

“Whaaaat doode?” she replied, irritably

“Promise me that you’ll drop me home after the movie”

“Shut up maaaan.” she said even more irritably.

He then wanted me to drop him to the main road, the plan being that he’d make the rick drop me back down the road.

Luckily he didn’t make me do this.

For some unknown reason he insisted I hang on to the DVD for the night.

Perhaps he didn’t want to be left alone with it on the way home.

What a sissy.

9 thoughts on “I’m Not A Wimp. I’m Just A Non-Confrontationalist

  1. no it was my line but it was appropriate regarding you in this scenario.you’re a bigger wimp than me by far. and how completely shameless of you to only comment when you’re mentioned.

  2. Oye!its been ages, and then some!i usually refrain from using people’s blogs as a hello-how-the-f-have-you-been thing…but theres no other way to get in touch with you!thou art lost, and thou hast left me with the illustration of an (albeit cute) mushroom, who stands as my name sake…please e-mail!shreya4848@gmail.com(someone told me i shouldn’t be putting up my e-mail on a public server, or some such crappily paranoid piece of shit…but i have no choice…)

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