Life Drawing 4

Life Drawing 4

(Life drawing with Roderick Mills in the photography dungeon)

I was on the bus the other day, while trying to get to college, and for no reason, was thinking about the school reunion. I went for the first one, which only reminded me of why I was so relieved to leave school in the first place.

Thinking of the reunion then reminded me of Karishma – the class drama queen.

Karishma is a girl who once fainted when someone told her that her boyfriend (at the time) happened to be swimming in the Lokhandwala Gym pool with so-and-so girl.

She also tried to commit a phony suicide out of a barred window. (I know. We all rolled our eyes too. So heartless.)

When she turned 13, she threw this big themed party on the terrace of her Lokhandwala building.

The theme was ‘hot shorts’, so everyone, including myself (*shudder*), were wearing, tiny tiny minuscule shorts, tight tank tops and platform heels.

We then stood around in a circle dancing awkwardly.

Leo was not invited.
(And now that I’ve got a ‘Leo’ in my post, the self involved bum that he is, is far more likely to leave a comment. What a slut.)

I vaguely remember feeling naked and then checking out Shahana’s legs. (Which I imagine the boys, who were dressed completely normally, were doing as well)

We thought we were the height of fashion.

But now when I think about it we just looked like little whores. (I was also wearing these giant owl glasses. *Double shudder*)

In any case, I never made it to college. I sat on the tube for about 30 minutes before we were kicked off and they shut the station.

By then it was already so late that catching a bus and then 2 more tubes would have been totally useless.

So after spending a substantial part of my morning on public transport, all I did was leave my house, waste 45 mins and then go back home again.

Foz was really pissed off. Only 6 people showed up at college. He fired off a furious email that was psychotically titled in the third person.

FOZ IS ANNOYED‘ it declared, in bold caps.

I sent back a groveling apology, as did a few others quaking with fear.

The next day his email was titled ‘HAPPY FOZ‘ (again, in bold caps).


Note: It’s always vital to stay on the good side of someone who refers to themselves in the third person.


9 thoughts on “Shorts

  1. i still can’t wear short shorts. they make my legs look like matchsticks. although, it doesn’t sound so bad as the fashion catastrophe that was MY school parties–the lycra tights. ick.

  2. We never had a theme party in school. 😦thanks for that tip abt not taking panga with someone who refers to himself/ herself in 3rd person… i know someone here who does that and i never will take panga with her.

  3. just for that, i’m not going to comment on the next post that features me. but late not to comment on this one, i suppose. and besides, how would you know i was making a statement by not making a statement. man, i’m turning into egghead. terrible. also, how come you don’t delete bricks’s comments? he’s such a dumbass.

  4. shut up man. i love comments and i love people who comment and even though you may vow not to comment, you will be compelled to,its just an impulse you can’t resist. you succumb too easily to the dark side

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