Anna’s Fascinating Bits of Trivia

We set up the show today.

It is finally up and running. (for now)

During the mind numbing 10 hours of being bored out of my skull Anna informed me that the first gentlemen to ever walk around with an umbrella lived in Russell Square.

He also didn’t believe in tipping Hansom cabbies.

However because the Hansom cabbies knew he was campaigning against tipping and he was the only one at the time carrying an umbrella around, they made sure he never got a cab.

I’m not sure why I feel the urge to blog about this (but then blogs are entirely self-indulgent aren’t they?), but believe me it’s far more interesting than the rest of my day.

On a side note: Foz didn’t lose his temper at all today even though he too was there setting up the show for a mind numbing 10 hours. Although I believe he came quite close to telling so-and-so studio lady to f***k ***. Well done Foz.

Adam and I (mostly Adam) then thrashed Foz and Martyn royally at pool.

By far the highlight of the day aside from Anna’s trivia.


6 thoughts on “Anna’s Fascinating Bits of Trivia

  1. are they hansom cabbies or hanson cabbies? i find it hardtopicture sherlock holmes being driven around by a bunch of horses going mmmbop. man, i kill me.

  2. i loved your illustrations on leo’s rant on upper middle class (or upper middle-middle class, if he makes up his mind) angst.the clothes hanging from the lines had a graphic novel quality that was great.

  3. your hanson and hansom reminded me of how the singaporeans here like saying ‘hamsum’ instead of ‘handsome’hows THAT for trivia? heh heh <>“telling so-and-so studio lady to f***k ***.”<>i know what ‘f**k’ is…but whats ‘f***k’?😛hehehehe

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