Of Life Drawing and Design

Male Model 3

You can always spot a life model within a group of people. They’re usually standing in a corner, looking a bit twitchy.

“Ok ok Go down…..but not too down…Margret Thacher Margret Thatcher….”

said Simeon, suggesting what the model might be thinking.

I’ve never had a male model before, so this was rather novel. In fact, I’ve never drawn a real penis before (that I can recall).

So verrrry interesting. (nice body too)

After the session was over and the nude tucked away his willy and scampered off, Roderick mused aloud that none of us seemed to do any narrative work. He suggested that perhaps it was the influence (i.e fault) of our tutors that we were all doing these single ‘pieces’.

Of course, all the tutors have their distinct agendas. Foz and Gary stress on contrast, ‘visual hierarchy’ within the image and seem to favour editorial illustration as Roderick pointed out.

Information design on the other hand, is just a subject of pure evil.

(Disclaimer: I have some very strong unvarnished opinions on information design, among many other things)

Their tutor (who is clearly the spawn of the devil) seems to have completely brainwashed her students. All they do now is put dots, lines or squiggles on various maps of the world.

The more pointless and anal retentive graphs they create, the more their tutor will praise them (so my informants tell me)

Soon their creativity completely drained, they shall be forced to do her nefarious bidding. Thus populating the design world with statistical charts that are neither visually stimulating nor provide useful or helpful information.

(Disclaimer: in my opinion of course, not necessarily anyone else and especially not information designers. For they long to be useful)

Such a devious scheme I have never known.

Sure, they’ll all have better job prospects and a better knowledge of software packages, but they would have sold their souls (maaan).

The lures of the dark side are hard to resist. I feel myself growing weaker and weaker





7 thoughts on “Of Life Drawing and Design

  1. hahahaha u made me laugh a lot but at the same time im about to get a panick attack, visa visa is alway at the back of my head, even if i dont hear it still there, wispering slowly and quietly in an evil way.damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!im fan number 1 of Ray now…… i have to admit, he also speaks spanish, jesus maria y jose, what else can iask for?

  2. also i have to point out that ur blog is going weird, u went out the space you are meant to wirite on. u get me? is just not clean enough is a mess im quite surpise u left it like that, isnt it doing ur head in?? is not in order and tidy and clean!!!!!!!!!actually is doing my head in….

  3. i dint really understand what roderick meant when he said try and create narratives in this drawing session.. I tried, well kind of. but i winder what he expected us to do. I mean I can barely speak after each life drawing session, what with all, the lights going on and off, and the massive projection with strange loud films on.. I find them so intense that afterwards i just want to go and sit and stare a hole in the wall.

  4. fernanda: thats not me woman. thats the stupid google blog. [and yeah i find it a bit disturbing as well] google has taken it over, what a fucking bastard monopoly they are becoming. they forced me to change my blogs to google accounts. cunts.i like ray too. he can also speak a little hindi. how odd.I have given up on the visa thing. if i was that desperate I would have joined the design team. chris: hahaha thats really funny. I was pretty wired after the last one especially. But now I actually just want to draw it properly [Roderick kept making me write stuff down]. I mean being ‘experimental’ is all very well but I rarely [never] get to draw nude boys in the flesh. In hindsight I should have made more use of the time.

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