Martyn Masters Paint

When people tell you about their dreams it is entirely tedious, unless you feature in them in some way.

With this fact clearly in mind I shall now tell you about my dream last night. (It’s my blog and I’ll bore if I want to)

I just returned from the loo and seemed to have missed the first half of a lecture Martyn was giving the class in an abandoned warehouse. One very large wall had white paint dripping down it and Martyn standing close by with a shovel.

I asked Anna to fill me in. She didn’t seem to care very much about informing me. I deeply regretted missing out.

Martyn was teaching us how to paint telekinetically.

In an attempt to catch up, I concentrated very hard and as I parted my hands, the paint moved up and down the wall like magic.

Who knew Martyn was such a wizard?


What are you Mastering?

Suggestions to think about –

*colour,composition,material quality,-(breaking down the image) (colour yes, composition yes, I think, who can say really?)

*levels of content and focused research
(uhm I guess not. My research is limited to mostly nonsense)

*understanding of appropriate contexts for your work (o idea what this means. Seriously, no clue.)

*sense of touch (my work is not furry or touchable in any way, so no)

*production value/craft skills (kaching kaching!)

*independent learning ability (fuck knows if I ever learn anything)

*observation (on occasion, but probably not mastering it no)

Are there other criteria you should be thinking about? (narrative?)


2 thoughts on “Martyn Masters Paint

  1. funnily enough i had a dream about you. well, about your cat telling me she wanted to go home to your garden, and then i felt horribly guilty, only to wake up with her very sharp teeth attached to my toe. if it makes your mom feel any better, tell her the cat has reached the ankle attacking stage. 🙂

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