Smack The Penguin

Spent all day yesterday attempting to draw ‘pool water reflections’ and somewhat failing.

Spent all morning scanning a sketch

Spent the rest of the day being indecisive about colour.

Wore a T-shirt that my mother gave me that states proudly,

“No boy friend no problem”

I must admit, it is one of my favorite tees.

Aand last but not least, my father sent me this link for a stupid ass game, (but I played it anyway)

Smack The Penguin


10 thoughts on “Smack The Penguin

  1. yeah, it works as an in-joke, i suppose. Dude, the Vikrant was awesome. What did i say to you on the phone though? I have no memory of last night.

  2. You said you were at a celeb party on a ship that smelled like mahim creek. You ran away from all the celebs and was getting drunk sitting on a torpedo after kicking the nose like a dumbass. You asked me “Arn’t torpedoes really phallic symbols?”I affirmed and then called you a big gay. Then you bitched about how pricey Riddhi was. Whenever you ask her to go drinking on top of torpedoes she either says “I’m going to play badminton” or “I’m going for a swim”. You said you offered to push her off the boat but she refused.

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