Zeegan Joins Our Little Flock (Temporarily)

Last Thursday we had a guest lecturer who seemed more than determined to avoid talking about his work.

It was a unique phenomenon where 90% of the lecture was plugging the 2 books he wrote about other illustrators and very little about illustration he practiced himself.

Naturally, I questioned him on it.

In a long and rambling answer he basically said his work wasn’t very good.

Later he helped Gary and Foz crit us in small groups of 4. Chris and Alex who sat on one couch, go first.

Chris’s work is largely about women ripping out his heart and devouring it. Clearly he has issues with women.

Alex’s work is about predatory women and the men under their thumbs. Clearly he has issues with women.

Fernanda and I sat on the couch opposite them. I was wearing my truly legendary cheesy T-shirt ‘No Boyfriend No Problem’.

For some reason both Foz, Gary and Zeegan seem to think that Chris’s and Alex’s projects are controversial. I can’t possibly see why. They both seem to complain about strong women and I have absolutely no problem either with strong women or people complaining (clearly)

Unfortunately Alex’s work honestly doesn’t really reflect anything he talks about. He seems to mostly draw models from magazines standing around in bikini’s with changing backdrops. This time it was small buildings.

I mention this (as does Fernanda). I also mention my belief that the 2 boys were suitably situated on the ‘women fearing’ couch.

Adam turns around and yells

“Well both you an’ Fernanda are bloody man haters!”

an accusation that makes me crack up, because of course, it isn’t true.

But that being said I am wearing a T-shirt that says ‘No Boyfriend No Problem’.

My crit finally comes around with Gary and by the end of his deconstructing my work I’m completely stressed out. The enormous amount of work I need to do, and not wishy-washy work either good work in 3 months is beginning to freak me out. I hate everything I’ve done which isn’t a lot anyway.

We all trot off to the Princess Louise which to our dismay is being closed for refurbishment for the next 9 months. All the illustrators are filled with a deep sense of loss.

Alex confronts me on my remarks during his crit and argues that I always say the same thing about his work i.e: that he just seems to want to draw model women, (which is perfectly fine but he always denies it). I defend my remarks as best I can without backing down.

I wear my shiny £2.50 red flats and even then they hurt. I don’t believe I shall ever find a pair of red shoes flat or heeled that will be comfortable. Red just doesn’t seem to be a colour for comfort.


5 thoughts on “Zeegan Joins Our Little Flock (Temporarily)

  1. For 2.50 pounds, they ought to hurt. I say that because I’d be mad if they didn’t hurt, because I spent 20 times that (sacrificing food for days together) for sneakers that hurt. The injustice of it all would be unbearable to me if your shoes didn’t hurt. I still sympathize though.

  2. you could always get red sneakers. converse? sketchers? they both make (comfortable) red shoes. or chappals, though i’m assuming it’s too cold for chappals.

  3. well for £2.50 the pain they inflict is well worth it.well i have bright blue keds with orange piping and laces. they are even yummier than red.no chappals please I dont want frostbite.leo: you can imagine how we feel. we’re all devastated.we might have to move to the citie of york which is equally beautiful but further away.get online you fool

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