The Mexican Returns to Learn Flash

Oh woe is me woe is me.

I have priced cooker hoods all morning and woe is me.


I shall therefore think of more amusing memories.

Ray was teaching all of us Flash last Friday and the Mexican firecracker had opened Stella McCartney’s website, which had her name formed with tiny dots and moved when your mouse went over them.

So the Mexican firecracker was drawling to him..

Raaaaaaaay! I want to do this thing herrre, you know like this falling letters but which will say ‘Ferrrrnanda X Ferrrrnanda X Ferrrrnanda X’ like thees yeah? like this and then when you move the thing it will move like theees..and then….”

while wriggling her fingers to signify the little dots falling.

Ray being the reasonable man that he is replied

“Yeah but then your site will look just like Stella McCartney’s won’t it?”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOO it won’t because it will say ‘Ferrrnanda X Ferrrnanada X Ferrrrnanda X ‘…”

(she loves her full name)

“… AND it will have butterflies! Yeah butterflies they will fly around like thees…can you make it for me Raaaay?”

Then reasonable Ray tried to explain Flash buttons and movie clip functions to the Firecracker while she was pulling out her hair and wailing

“But nooooooooooooo no how do you do this thing, nooooooooooo I don’t understand anything….but how did you make this this thing like that noooooo I want to make it….I dont understand anything can you just make it for me Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!”

Ray was totally loving it. I could tell.


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