Cracks Appear Within The Group

I’m almost afraid to say it, but last night I witnessed the beginning of tiny cracks beginning to erupt in our once so tight unit of second year illustrators.

Perhaps we were merely deceiving ourselves that we were indeed so flawless in our friendships. We all come from vastly different backgrounds, habits, cultures and levels of tolerance and some levels seem to be wearing a bit thin lately.

Onnalin and Martyn, once compared to a husband and wife, now actually feud like husband and wife. It must be eerily like deja-vu for Martyn [or so I can only imagine] since he’s already divorced once reportedly belligerent wife.

Other individuals seem to be growing weary or irritated of certain others, which I find somewhat disappointing I must admit. I have been so far, under the illusion that the majority of our class enjoyed each others company, but lately I’ve come to realize that this probably isn’t the case.

I’ve seen the parting of ways of a few previous groups, through school, through college and even though there might have been great intentions of staying in touch, of remaining good friends inevitably the group had a shelf life. Differences that were initially embraced eventually grate. Factions get created, people take sides, everybody feuds.

I sense a demise of our unity and a future parting of way. But perhaps I’m being too pessimistic, perhaps we merely have been spending far too much time together. Perhaps like anything kind of relationship, a little separation goes a long way.

Simeon and I were discussing the future on Wednesday, what our plans would be, what we might do. He said he’d just like to draw and do a spot of gardening. I asked him if he was just looking forward to retirement and he said “Yes, yes actually I think it would be quite nice to be retired and just…you know… potter around in the garden…”

Its slightly sad that I’m unambitious enough to agree with him. It would be damn nice just to sit outside and potter in the garden and maybe do a bit of drawing in the evening. *Sigh* I cant wait until I’m 70 and get get a bunch of cats and a dog and do fuck all except wet my pants now and then.


13 thoughts on “Cracks Appear Within The Group

  1. Now that takes me back to my years of study.:) Especially my post-grad year. Yes, it’s entirely possible that simply spending massive amounts of time together, snd for the same specific course, can have negative effects as well as being great for intial building of relationships. I guess managing it keeps coming back to enjoying the fact you do have and have had good times and don’t kid yourselves it’ll always be salad days. Guess what? The same effect can apply in small sections at work, but on the plus side you might actually have much more choice about escaping to separate homes instead of being stuck in same college dorms etc -if that’s the case with even some of your group.All the best for your studies!

  2. Hello – I’ve managed to bring myself to the table. All I know from past experience (appologies to Onnalin to whom this can deeply offend…) is that any kind of relationship requires effort, be it a marriage, friendship, band or a work group and I guess you only start to realise this after a few failures. But whatever happens to us I shall always remember the experience as probably the best two years of my life. I have met some fantasticly talented, inspiring people, even if some of them don’t always know when to shut up (me included). I’d rather it be a bit volatile than dull as dishwater. And besides Onnalin has allowed me to smack her arse if she misbehaves again. Now let’s all have a lovely break for a couple of weeks and see how that feels.

  3. the post title is so… ominous. very LOST. you can almost imagine two people getting lost in the jungle or something. and cheer up, i managed to stay in touch with four people from college, and when i meet the rest i wonder why i was ever friends with them.

  4. I’d love to potter about in the garden and do a spot of drawing in the evening too, except I suck at drawing. And have you fixed your kitchen yet? Sue your fire alarm manufacturer. Fire alarms shouldn’t fuck up like that! Besides, I’m sure you get some kind of discount when you sue a second person.

  5. yay!! Martyn has finally commented. I’m filled with joy like the sad sad pathetic loser that I am.well being allowed to smack her bum does help matters loads and yeah dull as dishwater would be fuck all really. I like that half the class are opinionated mental peopleem: i’m damn cheerful, ask MartynBesides its not about staying in touch. its about internal feuding.raindrop: no no i cant sue anyone and the fire alarm battery’s ran out. thats our problem not the manufacturers

  6. It was good to see you on Thursday. It’s a sad and beautiful post, this one. It expresses that sense of “ominous” (as em said) finitude. I miss having a group of friends like that, and I even miss that sense of things about to end or metamorphose. As a PhD student in my particular program there is nothing like what you guys have. (Or used to have).About retiring, I feel the same. I’ve always said I’d like to live in a small seaside town (like the miserable towns they forgot to bomb, according to good ol’ Morrissey, god bless his soul) like Cromer or something where I could just sea ships pass and write poems in the afternoon drinking greasy tea. Fernanda says Cromer is a shithole but I don’t care.

  7. “I’m almost afraid to say it, but last night I witnessed the beginning of tiny cracks beginning to erupt in our once so tight unit of second year illustrators.Perhaps we were merely deceiving ourselves that we were indeed so flawless in our friendships.”man, you’ll take over the dramaqueen tag from riddihi if you keep writing stuff like this.

  8. ernesto: you praise me far too much. my head has swollen like a balloon.i guess a PHD is far too individual to have a lot of class activities but in my last college I kept myself out of the general group as Onnalin will tell you. I’m really going to miss college when we leave really really and Foz. I love Foz

  9. chicken A befriended chicken B. A short while later they met chicken C.Chicken A admired chicken B for his fine plumage and vivacious strut, his feeling were reciprocated. One day came the grain…the chickens became greedy, chicken A pecked chicken B, chicken C pecked chicken B, they all pecked each other until there were no glorious feathers left.Now the bald spiteful chickens feuded for the grain, they all became fat.Then one day came the farmer, with his knife. He took the heads of all the chickens, and ate the chickens carcasses.

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