A Dream of Foz

I had a very odd dream last night. It’s all Martyn’s fault.

Naturally it features more interesting people than me which is the only reason I’ve opted to discuss it.

I was in the old school maidan, with Foz and certain class members. Foz’s wife was in an adjacent restaurant separated by glass, with their 2 bacchas.

I asked him in a rather nosy way (I thought it was nosy even in my dream)

“…but Foz if your wife is in there, then why the hell are you bothering to hang out with us?”

He looked really stressed and said

“Look, just don’t ask me such difficult questions.…”

and rubbed his face. I immediately felt terribly guilty for bringing up such painful memories.

Foz seemed then seemed to be really confiding in Fernanda who was nearby, they were getting progressively closer and closer, and seemed to be canoodling.

I was slightly bothered by this. So I go to get a JD and coke, by the time I come back, the canoodlers have disappeared.

I spend the rest of the dream desperately looking for both Foz and Fernanda while worrying what they were getting up to.

My subconscious is rather discreet I must say. My entire dream was full of implied indiscretions but nothing really meaty.

If I had it my way I would have walked in on them in flagrante, perhaps thrown up my hands and cried out somewhat melodramatically

“OH MY Goodness! Fernanda! What EVER are you doing?? FOZ! How COULD you?! Just think of the children!”

(Yes I know, I watch too much TV, but one can only dream of such drama)


4 thoughts on “A Dream of Foz

  1. you placed these horrible thoughts about Foz’s wife and kids in my brain Martyn, but i forgive you for the global warming. At least your not having any kids anytime soon.

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