Job Rejection

I hate it when they say nice things and still reject you.

Dear J,

Thank you for your interest in freelance work with Pet Universe.

We strongly believe that you are an exceptional graphic designer/illustrator; however, we regret to let you know that your style of design is different to that we are looking for. Due to this reason, we will not be considering your application any further.

We wish you all the best in your career.

Kind Regards
Vera B.


8 thoughts on “Job Rejection

  1. …there are even official competitions for “Best Job Rejection Letter”. I remember a German one some years ago (refline Award). IKEA won.

  2. Uhm, I’ve got it here but I can’t translate it adequately. Something along the lines of:“Dear Mister Schneider,we don’t want to unnecessarily try your patience. We tried hard to find the right thing for you. But at IKEA, our workers feel so happy that at the moment we are not able to offer you a suitable job position. Until that changes, we wish you a lot of success for your professional future.”Nice how they shift the reason for the rejection: It’s their fault, not the applicant’s – they failed to provide the right position.And: They hint to the prospect that he might work with them some time in the future. Which seems a good strategy as the applicant in fact could be suitable some other time, maybe because of further qualifications and experience he will have then.Not nice if someone who rejects you doesn’t even let you hate them.

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