Monday with Johnny Hannah

Foz seems to have really mellowed out lately. During the first year he was one harsh bastard but now he actually seems to be trying to be nice (as in soft criticism) to us during crits. i.e Alex’s crit before easter.

Now, either:

  1. We have actually improved enough that his criticism doesn’t need to be as harsh
  2. It’s far too late in the year to bother
  3. He doesn’t want to stress us out
  4. He doesn’t want to be thought of as ‘Foz the Terrifier’ all the time
  5. He’s on medication

Athier came in very late for Johnny Hannah’s lecture, I was told Foz called him ‘pathetic’. (Perhaps saying he’s mellowed is getting a tad ahead of myself)

Athier said to Martyn the other day

“You know I had a gig the other day and I was really surprised that none of you turned up…it was on my MySpace page”

Martyn attempts to make polite excuses by saying

“Well…you never even told us and anyway I was working till late that day”

to which Athier replies huffily

“…well it was only around the corner”

I’m amused at Athier’s optimism in actually expecting us to come without an invite or even thinking that we actually care enough about his ‘band’ to visit his MySpace page for ‘band updates’ and his ‘tour’ shit. (God I’m such a bitch)

While reading some of my older posts to look for more pregnant related rants, I noticed that there is a wealth of posts about Foz’s crits (esp in the second year) and lamentable lack of Gary’s.

I feel vaguely guilty about this blatant favoritism.

In my defense Gary has only been around half as much as Foz and as far as blogertainment goes he has never yelled or made anyone cry. (To my knowledge anyway. I could be wrong, there might be a bunch of suicidal students in his Brighton class, who can say?)

However that being said, like Walter Mathau and Jack Lemon they make a great odd couple.

Gary will say something very reasonable like

“…the way you’ve drawn the plug point is slightly unobserved and wrecks the illusion of your drawing…”

While Foz might say as a rebuttal

“…but I really like the way that wash in the corner has been done, looks a bit like the silhouette of a pregnant woman…Does anyone agree with me?…”

Followed by dead silence

Foz talks a lot less when Gary is around for some odd reason. During my tutorial Foz was unusually silent while Gary grilled me on my extreme views regarding population control. Now that I think about it Foz was also extremely quiet during my interview for the course. How odd.

My Tutorial in Brief:

Because it was long ago, I can’t be bothered to type and I’d also like to eat a mango and smoke a joint in reverse order.

  • My typed brief for myself was lacking in content development he said, it was disappointing.
  • My wall socket showed it was badly observed.
  • Gary-Foz wanted more of my blog content within my work.
  • We argued a lot about why he shouldn’t have more than one kid, which will on an average cost him £10,000 a year, or £180,000 until adulthood.
  • I told him with all that cash he could save up and buy a nice house. (Gary has 3 kids. 3!!! )
  • I insisted that all ecological problems i.e. garbage, pollution etc is cause by having 2 kids
  • Insisted that in the future countries would have no choice but to impose congestion charging on reckless uterus’.
    (3 kids man! 3!!)
  • Gary didn’t say it, but I know he thinks I’m crazy


I find it quite difficult to de-compartmentalized things, but now am attempting to be more specific. State my case blah blah etc.

I told Foz-Gary I wouldn’t get offensive and then a month later did exactly the opposite.

tsk tsk

How am I ever going to get a job when I’m encouraged to make graphic drawings of babies popping out of bloated cow women?


Deranged comments preferred

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