Thursday Interview at Highbury

The Third Goddess

Every time I have an interview something happens to the tube. It’s damn annoying.

And this one was in High Barnet. 2 fucking hours away.

So I got a bit lost on the way but finally made it there.

I wore a skirt. (Shocking I know.)

The guy really liked my work. He said it was very dark and he loved that. It’s usually a bad sign when people think I’m too dark.

It’s a very corporate job can you do that? Your work isn’t really suitable… is that something you’re interested in? blah blah blah… yes yes of course I’m so interested I’m fascinated …. some maha bullshitting really.

Punctuality? yes, Works well with deadlines? yes yes yes, everything yes

Said honestly I had no corporate experience but I really wanted to learn web design etc blah blah blah.

I didn’t mind the 2 hour journey (hahaha like hell I didn’t)

He asked me more about the green tea party drawing if I was coloring the white bits in, I said no he said he liked that blah blah blah.

I’m not sure if its worth having a printed portfolio. I’m quite torn. I had previously spent a hell of a lot of money printing out stuff and laying it out and then never using it because in 2 months I hated the layout, I had new work etc. It seems just pointless in a digital age to have a non digital portfolio.

On the other hand the lady from Random House Publishing said she preferred not looking at a screen because she has to all day….so I don’t know now.

Anyway considering all the phenomenal crap I spouted I still didn’t get the job.


7 thoughts on “Thursday Interview at Highbury

  1. I know this interview phase, i seemed to have gotten stuck there forever.all the best you 🙂I am sure u’ll do good

  2. printed = more impressive (to me) stands out from all the stuff you see on screen because you can touch it, you can hold it into the light and you can’t click it away

  3. who is this anonymus?reveal yourselfbricks: printed i guess needs some more work. hmmm i shall think about itonce again: sigh. thank you i have another one tom which i’m sure i wont get but its practice at leastleo: i felt like pulling a ‘riddhi’

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