Monday Interview Baker St.



Per norm on my interview day something happens to delay me.

This time is was slightly more dramatic than a simple tube failure.

An entire fuel pump station blew up on Brixton Hill, about 5 minutes down the road from my place. I heard it as I was sitting on the pot and thought it was just a gun shot and then back to my very deep loo thoughts. (When I finally viewed it later in the week all that was left was cinders, wreckage and a mound of stray tires.)

The entire road was closed off to buses and people as the CSI van pulled up to investigate (as you can imagine, seeing the CSI van filled me with excitement) but I was forced to go all the way around sweating and huffing and puffing with my laptop and bags and shit.

Luckily a blown up fuel pump is a very valid excuse for being late even though I left an hour earlier than required. Being super paranoid to boot, I also emailed her to let her know.

I thought the interview went quite well and I thought the prep work I did over the weekend was good, (Foz and Gary would have stabbed themselves in the eyes with a fork in disgust hahaha) but who knows, I can only hope I get a second interview eventually.

The walk back up Brixton Hill was excruciatingly long. I also decided like an ass to buy a watermelon and lug that all the way home in the heat along with my laptop and 2 bags, but it was well worth it by the time I got home, a lovely, juicy prize.

My birthday coming up feels like a chore I need to get through because the ex expects it from me and because birthdays expect it from you.

Last year had a truly rotten birthday, so unbelievable depressing that I cried.
The ex was not entirely sympathetic due to a looming break up.

May is the unfortunate time of year when the weather outside is gorgeous but there is always some sort of looming exam be it in school or in art college.

Again, the ex is not so sympathetic (but is trying I shall add)

I only hope I don’t get deported this summer.


3 thoughts on “Monday Interview Baker St.

  1. of course i’m back, fool. i have better things to do on vacation than comment on your blog. and the reason i didnt call back was because i was drunk and asleep. will call you either tonight or tomorrowm, whenever i’m wasted enough to give you a blow by blow account of the trip.

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