Tuesday Core Time & My birthday

Pool A4


At the very last-minute I goaded myself to not be a miserable loser and do something on my birthday.

I sent out an email and a bunch of texts inviting people to some bar in Covent garden for a drink. I unfortunately neglected to tell everyone what date and how to get there.

After core time, during which Fernanda embarrassed me by announcing to everyone in the room that it was my birthday and tried to sing very loudly (and badly) to an entirely indifferent audience, I met up with the ex at Carnaby Street possibly to go for pancakes but we as copped out and went to Masala Zone.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sev puri and bhel was mmmm.

Before lunch the ex asks me what I wanted to do in the day, I mention lunch, maybe a nap and then drinking in the evening. The ex then got really worked up about the nap bit…

“You don’t want to do anything?? But it’s your birthday!! I wanted to go to the London zoo, you just want to take a nap!! I thought you’d spend the day with me?!”

5 minutes after lunch I get scolded for browsing in an art shop because the ex really wants to have a nap. Fool.

The bar I first chose was far too pricey and small so we all move to a pub both Martyn and Ed approve of called the ‘Coal Hole’ on the Strand which is massive and damn nice (i.e cheap).

I haven’t invited so many people on my birthday since I was 12. It’s quite weird, especially as I actually got presents (Which was entirely unexpected and even better they were all things that were red!) I really must do this birthday thing more often.

I make introductions so badly Monty urges me to please stop. I introduced Kurt to Onnalin and the Mexican as

“This is Kurt my flat mate and he used to be a model…”

which in my mind sounded like a compliment until I actually said it.

Fernanda and Onnalin being entirely shameless women kept telling me to bend down and flash them my cleavage while Martyn gave the ex tips on S&M although the last thing the ex needs is being taught how to spank someone with a whip.



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