Tuesday Core Time, Lecture & Silkscreen

Whoops a Daisy! Look everyone - I done an accident!

Whoops a Daisy! Look everyone – I done an accident!

I was talking to someone in Information Design about their project today and they said oh I’m doing this I’m doing that and then suddenly said,

“I’ll never forget what Sardhna said to me …she said ‘Oh I’d never even bother looking at that I just find it so boring’… and I was like…wow! ok …. you know?…I mean AG just laughed and said don’t listen to Sardhna…but still you know I’ll always remember that…”

I think I muttered something vaguely about Sardhna not meaning it. Fuck knows. What do you say? What can you say? I felt horribly guilty because that cross-over crit was months and months ago but she still remembered that remark. I must admit secretly I thought the same as S. I just don’t get graphs.

So, I felt quite guilty and the feeling just nagged me all day for some reason.

Core time was a complete waste. That’s all I can say really. Geoff was all smiles however, whatever crisis he was facing seems to have passed and he is cheerful once again.

We then had a lecture with the Art director of the Guardian. She reminded me of one of those evil estate agents, who smile as they tell you they can’t fix your smashed window in the middle of winter and then takes all your deposit.

But perhaps that’s just because I imagine her rejecting many people being a powerful art director.

She informed us:

  1. She hates getting CD’s
  2. Hates oversize jpg’s, PDF’s, any attachments.
  3. Prefers web links (yay!)
  4. Prefers very simple uncomplicated websites, ones easy to browse lots of thumbnails so you get an idea immediately.
    (Boo hiss. Mine is easy to navigate, but no thumbnails as such but at least its not boring…I hope…)
  5. Prefers getting sent a sample if not a web link.
  6. No portfolios bigger than A2
  7. Fast turn around time sometimes about 5 hours to finish a job, need to be quick
  8. Work is more about a good concept
  9. It’s about highlighting the article, the illustration is not the star
  10. If an illustrator misses a deadline they never get used again.
  11. If they argue back with the editor of a piece about the illustration etc they never get used again.

The last point raises Foz’s hackles immediately and he promptly interrogated her; says it’s a partnership blah blah it’s about communication but the communication dies if the editor says

“Well we can discuss it but at the end of the day I’m right.”

Gina defended her corner by saying sometimes it can be the illustrator saying that.

I imagine there is no solution to this problem aside from submission on one side at least.

Adam told me I could have his silkscreen place.

I am the worst silkscreen printer. Every time Gary tells me I need to use inks or acrylics I want to show him what a hideous mess I can generate with wet media.

For every print I did I would touch ink somewhere, my elbow, hands, face, jeans, hair, on the table, on the screen, all over the blade which kept dropping off the edge of the table paint and all. I forgot to mask the edges around the screen and only realized when purple paint started to drip down the back.

My postcards were damn unprofessional. Sigh. What a fucking mess.

Rachel, the lovely and nice French lady (I love her), is so comforting to clumsy idiots like me.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Core Time, Lecture & Silkscreen

  1. Oh it’s this cheesy blog thing when a fellow blogger ‘tags’ you (as the armchair philosopher did to me) and you’re supposed to share 5 unknown things about yourself and then tag 5 more people. So I wrote some stuff on my blog and tagged some unsuspecting victims, of which you are one.I went to Copenhagen recently and basically lived in the museums and I think you’d really like Danish modern art, if I understand your style somewhat. Danish stuff (also their modern jazz) is deviant in a way that I find dark and blatant and yet endearing. I’ve been meaning to put up some photos for ages but I’m so lazy. Will do soon.

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