I spent all afternoon and late into the night trying to finish a section of floor filled with smooth lines made with my ballpoint. Foz would deeply disapprove of this mindless scribbling but I love the texture it makes on top of a colour.

So, I’m pretty tired this morning on top of that, was rudely awakened this morning by the bickering of Monty and Kurt, which reminded me of home when the cook and my mum would both insist on having the most pointless, stupid argument about the fish monger or what to cook for lunch, right outside my room door at the top of their voices.

“Dude you said you’d like be done at 8 and like I’m going to be late for work”

“Monty, our schedules is you go at 7:30 and I go at eight…”

“but I need to go now and you like never even told me you changed your time and unless you go to the gym I don’t get up at 7:30 then i like just get up at 8…”

15 annoying minutes of this and then I could hear him bitching quietly to Anders in his room.

I need some tea and then I must draw draw draw.


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