Someone told me this really funny story ages ago and I was thinking of it today and couldn’t stop laughing.

She was a bit drunk, walked into the men’s loo by accident, for some reason thought the urinal was a fancy wash basin, then naturally assumed (as you do) that the mothballs must be a fancy new soap and then tried to wash her hands.

Onnalin just told me this story about Foz I completely forgot:

A Japanese girl right in our first group project, had made this brochure thing on the movie ‘Catch me if you can’ and Foz said to her

“Frankly, that’s a really shite concept.”

Completely baffled. She turns to him and asks,

“So sorry, but please…what does ‘shite’ mean?”

For once one he didn’t know what to say.

He then asked the class if they all found this Greek guys work to be mediocre.

The Greek guy was fuming. He left the class and had a massive hissy fit followed by loads of abuse leveled at Foz.

“How dare he say that to me I can’t believe it oh my god I’m never speaking to him again never going to his class who does he think he is blah blah blah”

What a diva

It’s too bad Foz never gets to see all the ‘behind the scenes’ tantrum throwing.

3 thoughts on “2

  1. i’ve always wondered though.. what ARE those mothball things for anyway? they can’t really be mothballs. why would someone want to preserve piss?

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