Hanging Crit Sequel

hanging_LYesterday we had a little meeting on how much space we get in the show determined by last weeks hanging crit.

On one hand Foz said he dreaded this time of year because people tend to get paranoid and start reading into things too much (for example if someone gets more space in the show and someone else gets less.)

Unfortunately when he was later backed into an uncomfortable corner by an angry and overly emotional student he said quite frankly

“Well you’ve only got 2 meters instead of 3 because I don’t think you have enough work to put in the show”

So…..what shall I say? I feel paranoid already

Onnalin and Georgina accuse me of taking pleasure in other peoples misery.

I find this unfair in the extreme (partially true but still unfair). I do not consider getting stroppy about having 2 meters of space in the show as opposed to 3, reasonable grounds for ‘misery’.

Cancer is misery or perhaps losing someone you love (like a dog) but amateur dramatic were designed to be mocked. Of course this includes me missing my flight and burning down the kitchen. I was highly melodramatic at the time but in retrospect it was hugely funny, therefore logically I do not see why others should be spared.

I reminded Gerogina and Onnalin that many crits ago we (especially us 3+ Foz) all sort of made someone cry. Georgina looked absolutely aghast with horror,

“We made her cry?? No no! What are you saying??!! No I didn’t oh my god!!”

Now that was funny.


4 thoughts on “Hanging Crit Sequel

  1. Theorem:\int_birth^death{emotions}dt=0Corollary: \exists misery \Rightarrow \exists joy (same amount)Sorry, such a commonplace is too horrible when expressed otherwise.Although you could get your misery from things that matter of course.But then, less joy for those who could mock you otherwise. (I feel another commonplace coming…)

  2. I wish I could respond appropriately to your comment anonymous stranger, but the first part of your comment is so garbled I have no idea what I can say.

  3. Without wishing to appear at at sycophantic, I completely agree with you. Because of its staggering-world-wide-centre-of-excellence type reputation (which I am happy to bask in myself) it will naturally attract the odd spoilt brat who’s intentions are more about basking and less about creating and, furthermore, whose parents are wealthy enough to fund it. Which is fine except I don’t want my work devalued by them. In my opinion Lisa is very talented but has lacked self-motivation which is what an MA is all about. There is an extremely small minority though who are just bullshitters, and, not particularly talented ones. And anyway, graffiti isn’t art, it’s wanking over public spaces. Now, can I have a job as a tutor please?

  4. I too want to be a tutor. We should have our own reality show. Foz could be Sir Alan sugar. haha oh my god banksy is going to come to your house and wank all over it now. as will Alex.i don’t think Lisa is unmotivated. just indecisive.but you must comment everyday. It makes me stupidly happy. I’m such an attention seeker is shocking.

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