Interview no. 3

Had another interview today.

They wanted to know if I used MySpace or eblogger.

ha ha

I lied a lot less than the first one. In fact I didn’t lie at all. Its highly unlikely I’ll get this job either but if I did it would mean a lot of studying HTML and website shit. Which would be interesting I think.

I was nervous and I’m never nervous. Must be all the tiredness.

I cant tell if it went well or not. They didn’t even ask me to show them anything. We just had a long chat about stuff.

Woke up at 7:30

Had a terrible dream that I lost my portfolio when I hung it on the back of a rickshaw as I took a small breather. The rickshaw drove off and I chased it through the entire labyrinth of my dream until 7:30.

I waited outside Habitat’s door for 10 minutes since it didn’t open until 10 and bought 2 frames.
It was strange since the door was wide open and people were just going about their business as usual but there I was standing behind some invisible line the security guard had created.

Scanned in some drawings and trudged home tired as fuck and not prepared at all for the interview.

I feel completely beaten and not eager for the crit tomorrow at all.

I just want to stay home.


2 thoughts on “Interview no. 3

  1. Tis too shall pass, neh? And at times, the worst interviews result in the best +ve results! Chin up, gal.

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