Transport for London: Bus 73


The Transport of London must be the most incompetent bunch of people.

They want to reduce congestion and traffic so what do they do?

They put a bus on the road thats twice as long as a regular bus [therefore takes up more road space], has no second deck, has a rubbery accordion middle, is unwieldy and dangerous to drive and has erupted in flames an astounding 5 times

and this apparently relieves congestion??


19 thoughts on “Transport for London: Bus 73

  1. india came up with similar intelligence in the form of Star Buses or High Capacity Buses. they then realised that they couldnt run these buses on all routes since the roads werent wide enough. so now theyre annihilating the pavements.

  2. anon’s an idiot and what he said is untrue but i can’t ne bothered to type up a favtual version of it. too wasted man. remind me to tell you the next time i talk to you

  3. What a fantastic outburst of vitriol over a bus and a very compelling argument to boot. In actual fact I know very little about busses these days (although I always read Bus of the Month in Smoke magazine…). I’m afraid when they changed the original tungsten lighting to fluorescent in the Routemasters my heart sank and I lost all interest. I always remember a woman’s head going through a window on the top deck during the dustman’s strike. Happy memories.

  4. leo m: what i said is abso-fucking-lutely true!!! i know what the original plans were but it didnt really work out that way. i guess you havent seen the roads between saket and gk recently and the kind of congestion these idiots are causing! actually i dont give a damn about the buses. im just bored.and im not a he!!!

  5. dont worry … it will take more than that to drive me away. plus im not really sure of the ‘favtual’ version of it. i just wanted to use abso-fucking-lutely in a sentence.there seem to be too many anons here. i shall call myself ‘sg’ from now on.

  6. hey sg, sorry about that man. i assumed you were talking about bombay, which is why i got so defensive. i’ll happily admit that i know jack about public transport in delhi. i’ll be there in august though, so shall see firsthand then. but be specific man.

  7. well, im not sure if ‘sg’ is nice but it’ll do for now. who knew the transport of london could spark so many comments?

  8. I don’t know what’s going on but I suddenly woke up last night, around 3:30, with edited highlights of this particular entry inserted into my consciousness. I was frustrated at not being able to remember the rubbery accordion bit but now I am satisfied. Thank you so much.

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