Things To Do Before The Show


  • Before have a list to people to invite! (Do it now you lazy fuck!)
  • Printout form for A5 postcards (done)
  • Return library books (done)
  • Pick up silkscreen prints (done)



  • Cooker Hood to need fixing, call nick handyman and get quote. (do it bitch!)
  • Buy A4 portfolio (black or pink or green? I love the green but maybe that’s too distracting, maybe just black?)
    for sketch work to display at the show, (done, bought brown)
  • Buy Inkjet Cartridge R240 from (Cass Art Angel)
  • Buy another frame Habitat (Regent Street)
  • Layout Book to sell, calculate pages + cover and Back
  • Prepare Tiff for A2 print of Tea Party to sell


  • Buy 2 packs bockinford/watercolour paper (but not too thick), ink jet paper from John Purcell (Stockwell)
    (done bought from cass art 9)
  • Cut A3 pack of paper from JP (College)
  • Frame work for crit (College)
  • Buy 6 mirror plates (Tool shop, College)
  • Cull Mailout list, do research 20-30 people? (do it on Tuesday do it now!!!)



  • Crit all day


  • Print out 3 books for the show on , 1 for display 2 to sell
  • Covers? Same as website I think. Clean
  • Borrow R’s drill set and screwdriver: Use for mirror frames and also to bind your books? or get Michelle to stitch it? or call City for a quote for 5 books. Maybe just loose leaf set in a plastic pack?


  • Get Ro to print 1 book,
  • Call City Book Binders to Bind 2 books?


2 thoughts on “Things To Do Before The Show

  1. Following Foz’s recent email it has finally dawned on me that this whole portfolio business is not an optional extra. We actually need to hand one in for the assessment (makes sense I suppose). There I was thinking it could wait until August. Twat. I shall now panic then.

  2. no it is optional. I just need one anyway. I think that for the assessment we just need to organize and present our stuff so its easy to view.

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